If walls could speak: episode 1 — Under the sea by Kitsune Jolene and Lobster Robin in Ghent, Belgium

dreamy female character surrounded by fish


So I’m gonna call the mysterious woman “Ariel” for fun, but you can name the fishes yourself ;-). When talking to the artists about upcoming street art project organised by Wallin’ , a street art organisation operating mainly in Gent and creating opportunities for artists and upgrading the streets with urban art. “The owner contacted me 3 years ago with exactly this wall, but that time i wasn’t up for this yet, but when this new project started the owner donated his wall and I ended up painting it!” : shares Jolene. Talking about patience being a virtue. This time she tackled the wall with her partner Lobster Robin who’s been building his career with his psychedelic, colorful interpretations of life.

is it really a mermaid?

Working together

Being partners in everyday life doesn’t mean a collab like this comes easy. “Because of our different approach of work we didn’t always work at the same time on the wall, because Jolene works with renders all the time and needs to work from top to bottom and with my fish literally swimming everywhere, sharing the lift wasn’t always the best option.” — tells Robin.

more details showing of the skils of the artists.


You can find this gem in the Engelstraat 115, Gent but there’s plenty more to catch! The city of Ghent is official partner of Street Art Cities and thus all works (+ 500!) are available in the free Street Art Cities app. Thanks to the continous efforts of fellow hunter Ferdinand F. who updates the map on a daily base.

small portion of the street art map you find on Street Art Cities.

Kitsune Jolene | kitsunejolene & Lobster Robin | lobster_robin



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